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Monday, December 15th, 2003
11:14 pm
Right then.

Been rather ignoring this little journal of mine lately. Course, been busy with life and whatnot. Where to start...

Been bustin' a gut helpin' my lovely Mirry out with fixin' up her flat. Took a good bit of doin', but now it's all good as gold.

Business has been fantastic at the Alibi. Reckon folks missed it when it was closed for my holiday back home, and they're tryin' to make up for lost time. Should do somethin' special for Chrissy, or maybe a New Year's party. That'd be beaut.Save folks from drivin' out to Towerston anyway, and better I get their money than those yahoos.

Had a fair bit of business at the stables as well. What with all the attention our little town got with the shoot out and all, lots of foils been comin' out to see the town. Granted, I think they're a bunch of goulish bastards, but I'm more than happy to take their money and trek 'em out into the woods or up the mountains.

Took Shadowfax and a couple of the ponies to an A & P Show, won a couple of ribbons. Had some bloke ask if I might be willing to breed Shadow, saying he'd love to have a foal out of her line, with a stud he owns, but didn't have at the show. I'm rather iffy about the whole thing. Gotta do some reasearch, look at the stud's lines, see if it's a good match.

current mood: busy

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
12:13 am - Private Entry
Never thought I'd have seen Lauderville in the news all the hell the way down in New Zealand, but there it was, bright as day, a big shoot-em-up cops and robbers drama on mum's telly. Once I heard about the to-do and heard that Mirry'd been hurt in the process, I traded in my ticket and headed for home right quick. Haven't gotten a chance to see her yet, but gonna remedy that soon enough. Someone told me Dave shot one of the bastards, and the one who hurt Mirry, Marton left tied to a tree for the bears. Son of a bitch better be happy it was Marton that found him and not me. I'd have put a lovely red maggot hole in his belly before leaving him.

In other news, the trip was great. Mum, dad, all the rellies are just beaut, though my little brother fancies himself a boy-racer *rolls eyes* Jesus, Mary and Jospeh, you hear him comin' from a block out!

Feels good to be home, finally, though. Missed everyone, missed being at the Alibi, missed the kids. But, apparently all's well, cos I came home and the lot of them are all fat and sassy as ever. He may be a crazy old bastard, but Tom Bombadil has a way with my ponies.

Ah, well. Gonna go look up Marton, and drop by the store to see if Mirry's alright.

current mood: grateful

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